The Exchange Policy is this :     AAFES Coupon Policy in full

  • They do NOT double or Triple coupons.
  • They ALLOW stacking but only 1 Manufacturers with 1 internet coupon , I assume these are the AAFES Facebook Coupons they usually put out on Fridays.

They do NOT allow overage. “Coupons do not carry cash value. In situations where the coupon’s value is greater than the sale price of the designated item, the item’s sale price becomes the face value of the coupon. Our cash registers are programmed to only take the value of that item, regardless if the coupon is more than the item itself.”


Manufacturers Coupons Cannot exceed the value of the item. The Exchange will not provide cash back nor apply the remaining balance to other items in the purchase.


AAFES also does PRICE MATCH !!  Price Match Policy HERE 

AAFES  will price match with do a price match on the spot for differences up to $10 anything more will have to have management approval and the ad.  Just go to the check out and cashier will help you with your price match


HERE is a copy of an email I received from corporate regarding price matching int he Fort Irwin, Ca area



Mrs. Dice, thank you for inquiring about the price match policy.


I spoke with General Manager George Main today, and he confirmed that the local area is a 50-mile radius, and that Barstow and Lynnwood are included.  He said they have a liberal policy, so if you bring in an ad, they most likely will match even further out than Lynnwood.  If the cashier does not approve the price match, please ask for a manager to make the call.  I hope this helps.




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