Store Policies

Store Policies

A stores coupon policy will vary from store to store.

Make sure you read each stores coupon policy so you have a good understanding  of what can an cannot be done.

I always carry the stores policy in my binder with me when I go shopping, this has helped a lot especially if you go through a line

and the cashier does not know their own stores policy.

Also make sure if you are in the right stand up for your self and ask to speak with the manager. Remain calm, confident and do not show signs of be irritated.

You should NEVER feel bad about saving money.

Loyalty Cards

Some stores will have a loyalty card that you can sign up free for.  At times some items may go on sale but only be on sale to those

who have a loyalty card.

Stacking coupons

Depending on the store and their policy some stores will allow you to STACK coupons.

This is when you use a STORE coupon and a Manufacturer coupon on ONE item for even bigger savings.

Make sure check the store policy to see they allow stacking.

Price Matching

There are some stores that price match the price of a sale. Price matching comes in handy if the other store is to far away

or if that store is out of that item you can see if the store that price matches has it and still get the deal.

Having the ad with always helps so you can show the cashier when you ask for the price match.

Check the stores coupon policy for  the Price Match policies NOT all stores do this. I only know of a couple.

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